Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Edinburgh Napier University, UK

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Edinburgh Napier University, UK is an internationally recognized university located in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is one of Scotland’s largest universities and was established in the year 1964. It has taken its name from a magnificent mathematician and philosopher John Napier who lived here in the 16th century. In 2010, with the help of the University Global Education Provider Navitus announced the establishment of a campus associate college, Edinburgh International College. This university has 500 students from over 1919, 140 countries, who are making their way through bachelor and postgraduate programs in vivid areas. These programs are made not only on the foundation of traditional courses, but also on non-traditional courses such as tourism, nursing, crime science, television etc.

Edinburgh Napier University, UK Rankings

It has got the number of UK University of Law. The area of ​​its specialty lies in other areas such as journalism, building, drama and English.

Edinburgh Napier University, UK -Ringing by QS

The university’s excellence is officially recognized by the QS Stars International Ranking. Its teaching, internationalization and quality of employment have been assessed with five stars in each category.

Edinburgh Napier University, UK-Ranking Times Higher Education

Times high school in the top 5% of the world’s universities. This recognition was done in 2016 when the name was first mentioned in the list.

Edinburgh Napier University, UK-Queen’s Anniversary Award

Edinburgh Napier University is the proud receiver of the Two Queen’s Anniversary Award. This award is considered as the most prestigious award for the UK’s higher education sector. The prize was won by the School of Engineering and Manufactured Environment in 2015 and 2009.

Why study at Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Edinburgh Napier University becomes the ideal example when excellence and versatility should be talked about. There are a few reasons why you want to show support to this statement and why students want to study here:

Ideal Place: Edinburgh is located on the hill capital of Napier University, Scotland, Edinburgh. It is a historic city with a beautiful landscape that is considered to be the best city in the UK for development and makes it a great place for jobers.
Various study options: By providing more than 300 courses, the university uses different routes to study here. It assures interested students to follow the profession of their choice, without any compromise with the institution in which they wanted to study.
Flexible Program: Edinburgh Napier University offers part-time, full-time, foundation apprenticeships with flexibility of online and distance education in many of its courses. Later on with the work became the right tool to manage studies.
Accredited course: During the job interview for students, students are accredited by various institutions such as AACS, BCS, ICAS etc. to give head.
Study resources and facilities: The university invests in the best technology to support the student’s study so that they can get maximum output for example: social spaces, computer suits, libraries, associate booths, media screens, self-service Laptop loans, printing facilities etc. .
Financial Aid: The University provides financial support to its meritorious students. It not only covers the course cost, but also includes the necessary grants for research. These students encourage them to work hard in their respective areas.
Student Support Services: Universities provide personalized help and workshops to everything from examinations of essay essay to help students get familiarized with the environment and work them in the right direction.
International exchange opportunities: The University believes in expanding the horizon of the Institute with China, Australia, and New Zealand etc. through exchange programs.
Nurturing the Practical Skills: The University believes that practical knowledge and industrial interaction are essential elements to make a professional. Therefore, the university places great emphasis on providing these practical skills.
Opportunities for students: The University gives students the responsibility to upgrade their degree and helps them get better opportunities in life in the comprehensive courses of Ph.D.


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